Performance at the best prices!

The Gaming-Serv association is specialized in the rental of VPS ANTI-DDOS GAME servers at low cost and of non-profit quality.

Why a GAME VPS ?

All our servers are equipped with an Intel Core I7 processor as well as an Anti-DDoS GAME, the latter is constantly active and allows a bidirectional mitigation (input and output) specially designed for games (L7). Its mission is to avoid service unavailability in the event of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack!

Our offers


Raw performance!
Processor Ryzen 7 3800X @4.5Ghz


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Speed and reliability!
Processor Intel core I7 6700K @4.2Ghz


All the power of our Windows servers power!


NVMe disks, overclocked processor to make game servers smooth and fast!


We can help you set up a web server (Apache, NginX).


We support you throughout your project by offering you the best solutions!

Our Services

Instant Delivery

The delivery and installation of your server is instantaneous after your order! No waiting time!


The ANTI-DDOS GAME is included for maximum protection! Anti-DDoS thus acts as a cache and filter for TCP/IP and UDP packets.

NVMe Disks

Performance up to 6 times better than SSDs. The PCI Express 8x connection maximizes performance, both in read/write speed (IOPS) and bandwidth.

Overclocked Processor

Both powerful and stable for maximum performance. Take advantage of all the processor's capabilities, whose nominal frequency is increased to 4.7 GHz, and up to 5 GHz in Turbo Boost mode.


All reviews are taken from Trustpilot

After 7 days of using a VPS GAME SSD, the quality is there, I have a game server on the machine, the server does not present any lag either network or machine performance. I highly recommend their services which is accessible to everyone for the price.


Very good value for money, very good customer support, and services that meet the requirements.
+ Takes into account opinions
+ Modern and intuitive panel

Prof Lothiel

The site is very professional! The server ordered was set up in just a few minutes, a technical support team at your disposal very quickly and as soon as you started configuring your VPS. In addition I strongly recommend Gaming-Serv for all your gaming and other projects:)

Axel Meyer

reat supposed to wait 1 week before a restocking can still find me a small place just perfect request and accompanied throughout the installation is really at the top I highly recommend discord available and even quite close to these customers just a pro if you want to get started but you don't really know how to go about it... He will explain it to you.

Tony Guintini

Very easy to contact them, and they are also very friendly. It is an association so what we propose is not overpriced, and all the benefits are for our comfort which is to improve the structure. The site is very complete, we can even make our own offers (custom offers). I simply recommend this association!


Simply excellent, VPS powerful and affordable.


-Instant delivery - Really powerful server - Impeccable Discord support In short if you are looking for a server that can be configured at will, don't hesitate to test it.


5 out of 5 perfect customer service, very fast. I have nothing to say, I love it!


Superb server, efficient, at the top of my expectations!

Matt 210

Very promising to see the servers in action! Staff listening and a very nice website!



You can contact support!