Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Gaming-Serv is a non-profit association allowing the rental of VPS Anti-DDOS as well as the rental of Bot Discord. (without any lucrative goal).

When will we have stock?

No idea, however you can follow carefully when there is stock by signing up for email notifications at the bottom of each VPS.

How long does it take to process an order?

120 seconds in most cases. However, some commands must be manually validated for security reasons.

Why is my order still pending?

There can be several reasons for blocking:
-Unpaid order
-Payment blocked by Paypal
-Your information is not filled in the panel.
The easiest way is to open a request to the support.

What OS are available on your Linux VPS?

Centos 7 & 6, Debian 9/10, Ubuntu & MineOS.

What OS are available on your Windows VPS?

Windows Server 2019 standard edition comes with a 180-day key. After that time, the key is your responsibility.